BFP (for now!)

Hi all, sorry for the radio silence! The best happened last month (so it turned out not thinking about it helped). I have my BFP and am now 7 weeks +3 days. So far so good, touch wood.

Symptoms wise I’ve not had a lot which is causing me concern as this is not much different to what happened the last times! If I manage it today without any spotting then I have lasted longer than the last two without any bleeding. So thats good….

Have my booking in appointment on Tuesday. Trying to take each day as it comes and not get too carried away. What ever happens the is a step in the right direction! I hope that it results in our rainbow baby which would be due in May!

Please cross your fingers and pray for me! xx


2 thoughts on “BFP (for now!)

  1. Congratulations!!!… I commented before about my previous two losses. I am 7 weeks +3 today with pregnancy number 3 and also due in may. Trying to stay relaxed and positive but every twinge and back ache fills me with dread. I have booked an appointment with my GP for next week (once I’m past the 8 week mark) and hoping and praying this pregnancy is different. I’m not sure what to do about early scans….last time I had one they told me not to worry as scan showed healthy growth and heartbeat and everything still went wrong. Thinking of you too…let’s hope we both get happy endings third time lucky πŸ™‚

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