In limbo land 

Sorry for the radio silence, I was planning on writing when I had more to report but I’m getting more and more frustrated as my 2ww limbo has been extended a few days. 

This is my chart…af ought to have arrived three days ago on Sunday. Fertility friend didn’t identify an ovulation day for me this month…don’t really understand why..I would say it was around cd 15 as I had my positive opk result then. 

 I’ve had minimal spotting since Sunday and my temp is slowly going down so AF should be with me imminently right? Still doesn’t stop me wishing, dreaming and consulting the Google oracle! I would put my chances of bfp at 5%!

What is it about Facebook? I looked at it this morning and it is full of baby’s, pregnancy announcements and bumps! Thing is if it were me my photos would probably be there too! I find it really hard to look at these photos day in day out! Having a tough week this week and am in a bit of a low mood because of it all. 

Here Endeth today’s moan…hopefully I’ll  have more to report when I’m out of this limbo! 


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