Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my last pregnancy’s predicted due date….Instead of suffering the absolute agony of childbirth I have been spending time with the family. Every cloud and all that…

-If my last two pregnancies had been viable I would have a 16 month baby and a newborn by now..That’s pretty crazy isn’t it?! Can’t stop thinking about that today-

Much as I love my family however, I think I would have still preferred the agony of Childbirth…going through my final weeks of pregnancy during a heatwave..moaning about how hot it was and making memories. I wanted that to be me so badly. Instead I find myself symptom watching as I reach the middle of the two week wait.

This month I have the delights of heartburn, indigestion and constipation as well as fatigue. I am not stupid, I’m only around 7dpo and so any ‘symptoms’ I have are much more likely to be part of the usual hormones present at this time in my cycle…still as you know I am a huge fan of google.

Google tells me that there is a strong chance I might be pregnant this month..I don’t normally get heartburn and apparently lots of people have experienced it this early in their cycle and have gone on to gain that BFP.

I’ll break down all my symptoms (if you are interested) this time next week…probably with the outcome of the pregnancy test that I’ll have taken too early! Doh!

I am currently being distracted by my two kittens who are jumping around the computer screen and are nuzzling me whilst I type. The kittens are not really kittens any more they are 11 months old and I am 100% guilty of loving them way too much! I am slightly concerned I have humanised them a little too much but hey ho…I’m not that concerned…I’ve got a lot of love to give! May as well give it to something! :-p

Im going to sign off for this evening and will most likely watch a soppy movie with my other half to distract me from the date! Night all! xx


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