And the journey continues…

I am now at CD19 with about 10 days until af is due to show her ugly face!

I went to my friends wedding at the weekend and allowed myself to just get smashed! Ridiculous and I was quite annoyed with myself the next day as I had been really good at cutting down on the old booze recently. I got annoyed that I still haven’t been able to shift that baby weight with nothing to show for it but painful memories and I just thought…sod it!

Agh! I am literally an idiot! Sometimes I just wish I could just get over it. I don’t think I ever will but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess! Although it would be far better not to have anything to get over!

I had acupuncture on Monday, actually a little painful this week with pressure points in my arm and foot….apparently good for both fertility once you have ovulated and your lungs (I have asthma). Well my asthma doesn’t seem as bad since so one can only hope for the fertility!

Chart wise, my temps are all over the place this month. I had a positive OPK on Sunday (hooray) and then my temp is yet to increase…no idea what that is all about!

Anyone else out there in the same boat? CD19…a few days into the two week wait and the madness of symptom spotting about to commence! Here we go!


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