Feeling heavy….

I’ve lost 5 llbs in the last 7 weeks all in an attempt to fit in my dress for a  wedding next weekend, I tried it on today..and it doesn’t fit! Low and behold I look like a fat sausage struggling to stay inside its skin! Doh!

Thats another thing that I try to blame on the two miscarriages and one thing I was not expecting! Each time I got pregnant I put on 6 llbs, and that was 6 llbs that I could not shift! One of the reasons I couldn’t shift the weight is because I didn’t want to do anything that might mess around with my cycle and ability to conceive again. The last few weeks I have tried both calorie restricting and exercise. Feeling much better about myself although my acupuncturist said that I shouldn’t do exercises that involve jumping up and down….this does provide me with another excuse not to exercise but sod it..I’m going to stick it out for another couple of months…I am going to loose this weight. I desperately need something else to obsess about!

So I think the dress will have to stay in the wardrobe for next weekend but I will get there!

Cycle wise, my apps tell me that I am about to enter my fertile phase so lots of baby dancing (bd) starting this week…one thing that I can’t complain about!


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