Day one of my Blog

So far its been two and a half years. Two and a half years and two missed miscarriages. Of course there is that taboo, that thing that makes it mostly impossible to talk about. There must be so many others of us out there just plodding on, tracking those temperatures, taking those ovulation tests, doing the deed multiple times a month (probably the only highlight of this whole process) and getting those Big Fat Negatives each month.

So, I’ve decided to write a blog, an anonymous blog of course, in the hope that I can speak to others in the same boat, and maybe they would speak to me. There will be plenty of time for introductions and I apologise in advance for the rants that I will inevitably go on but I hope that this will help not only me (having a good vent) but others experiencing the same frustrations month after month!

So welcome to my blog….here I go then, the start of my blogging journey, thank you for joining me….


2 thoughts on “Day one of my Blog

  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles and losses. I too have suffered through a miscarriage recently in the last couple of weeks. I find it hard to control my feelings and I’m not like men like my husband who don’t show their pain on the outside and stand strong dispite the rough blow. He’s really hurt, and angry about it. He even started smoking more again. He was slowing down a hell of a lot when we found out I was pregnant. Even before we found out he was working on it and doing great. He never smoked near me at all or in the house or in the car. Now he’s smoking in front of me outside and in the car and smoking more. His way of dealing with it is to not show he’s hurt to move on to trying again. I want that too but it just happend I’m not emotionally ready to deal with that. I’m still trying to grief over the loss of my first child. And trying to have another child won’t ever replace the one we lost. He knows that too and says he’s not trying to do that but he’s a man he won’t talk about it anymore bc it hurts too much. So I think that’s his way of dealing with it I guess. So far I’m going to counciling every 2 weeks and I also have saught out a support group which I think will help.

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  2. You will never replace the one that you lost and you should never try. The way that I see it…life’s experiences make you who you are. I want to be a mother, the heartbreak that has brought me here will make me a stronger and better mother and I will have so much love for the child that I eventually have. I am not saying I wouldn’t have loved my child if this had not happened but it makes every hopeful second just that little bit more precious and means that I will never take my family for granted. Just keep talking to each other, even if you think he doesn’t want to. xx


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